Two Hats Ranch

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Date & Time
April 22, 2021
Start - 9:30 AM
April 23, 2021
End - 6:00 PM America/Indianapolis

Two Hats Ranch

16665 12 Mile Road
Big Rapids MI 49307
United States
--Two Hats Ranch--
Event Contact

Gunwerks, LLC


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Event Description

  • Understanding the LRR System
  • Overview of Main Components of the LRRS
  • Rifle Scopes - Understanding MOA and Milliradian, Features, 1st and 2nd Focal Plane, Using Wind Holds and Parallax
  • Proper Zeroing and setting the Zerostop
  • Ammunition - Terminal Performance, Low Wind Deflection, Minimize Vertical and bullet Types
  • Rangefinder - Range Accuracy, Maximum Range, Specification and Function, Target Measurement/ Detection, Measurement Modes, Setting Profiles and Bonus Functions/Devices
  • Precision Shooting - Bench Techniques, Shooting to Rifles Potential, Parity with Field Shooting, Proper Support, Body Position, Breathing, Trigger Control, Techniques, Free Recoil, The Grip, Anchor Point, Bag Pressure, Two Point Support, Follow Through and Spotting Techniques
  • Cleaning and Maintenance - Classroom Discussion and Demonstration, Tools and Supplies, Techniques
  • External Ballistics - Spindrift (SD) and Mitigating SD
  • Shooting out to 1000 yards Practical exercises