L404 Traditional East Cape African LR Safari

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Date & Time
Sunday , May 22, 2022
Start - 8:00 AM
Tuesday , May 31, 2022
End - 8:00 AM
John X Safaris, Woodlands Safari Estate
Woodlands Safari Estate
Grahamstown Disrict
Grahamstown WC 6140
South Africa
--John X Safaris, Woodlands Safari Estate--
Event Contact
Gunwerks LLC

Experience Overview

The guys at John X Safaris run a top quality program with excellent facilities, a great crew, and incredible hunting opportunities and animal quality. Hunt options include 1:1 or 2:1 with or without observer/s. Their professional hunters are familiar and well-trained with the Gunwerks shooting system affording you numerous real-time opportunities on a number of hunting scenarios.

This 8-day East Cape Experience will provide anyone from the long range novice to the seasoned expert with excellent hunting and a one-of-a-kind long range hunting experience. Hunting here in South Africa's East Cape is fast and eventful with more variety of game animals than almost anywhere on the planet. You'll get 8 years worth of long range hunting experience packed into 8 incredible days.

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