Aoudad or Oryx Hunt with L103 Equipment Readiness Training

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Date & Time
Sunday , March 6, 2022
Start - 8:00 AM
Thursday , March 10, 2022
End - 8:00 AM
Cibolo Creek Ranch, Training Facility
Cienega Fort
Shafter, TX 79843
United States
--Cibolo Creek Ranch, Training Facility--
Event Contact
Gunwerks LLC

Experience Overview

With this Experience, you will have the opportunity to test your equipment and skill in one of the toughest mountain hunting situations available. You'll start with the L103 Equipment Readiness course. It's your opportunity to gain familiarity and confidence with your rifle and ensure it is ready for your hunt. A Gunwerks Instructor will assist you in confirming zero, validating the trajectory, and syncing it with your ballistic app or Revic BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder. You will have the opportunity to shoot targets at different ranges, using your preferred support equipment, while receiving instruction on the process to achieve first shot hits.

We prefer that you bring your rifle in ready condition. We can provide troubleshooting if you have a Gunwerks system, which is our preference (obviously)!

For your hunt, you will be paired up with another hunter and a guide and spend the next three days hunting primarily Aoudad or Oryx. The hunt package includes the trophy fee for an Aoudad or an Oryx. If you wish to hunt other exotics, they may be substituted on a case by case basis, or if they are taken in addition to an Aoudad or Oryx, for an additional trophy fee. If necessary you can hunt until dark on your final day, then have dinner, a good night's sleep, and breakfast before you depart the ranch the morning after your hunt ends.

LRU Training Tracks Overview

Long Range University
Our course curriculum is always evolving! Over the past couple of years, we have developed a new organization of training content, facilitating a more focused and progressive learning experience. Now our courses are organized into two parallel tracks, Ballistic Science and Marksmanship Skills, culminating in our Advanced training courses.

Ballistic Science

The core Long Range University curriculum is contained in our Ballistic Science track. We place a heavy emphasis on the science of long-range shooting. Generally, you will spend time in the classroom introducing concepts, followed by range demonstration and exercise to solidify complex topics.

Marksmanship Skills

The second track is our Marksmanship Skills track where we place a heavy focus on developing shooting skills. Light on the classroom, these courses spend most of the time teaching practical applications on the range.

Advanced Training

When you are ready to test your skills, we offer several advanced courses to challenge you and your equipment in calculated conditions to refine your experience and capabilities.  From mountain shooting venues to pronghorn hunting in New Mexico to a precision rifle competition, we can offer you the opportunity to achieve the next level.


Day 1

  • Debrief, gear prep
  • Range - Trajectory validation out to 1000 yards. True ballistic profiles as necessary.
  • Lunch
  • Range - Skill building drills
  • Range - Zero confirmation
  • Note - Check in at 4:00 PM the afternoon before your event, dinner will be served.

Day 2

  • Hunt Day

Day 3

  • Hunt Day

Day 4

  • Hunt Day

Day 5

  • Breakfast, Depart Ranch

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