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Online Application

Only requests for donation, sponsorship or advertising submitted using this electronic form will be evaluated. We will thoughtfully consider every request that meets our requirements.


We are dedicated to the preservation of our hunting and shooting sports heritage and, when possible, provides donated goods in support of legitimate organizations and programs that work locally and nationally to promote shooting, hunting and conservation.

Requirement Guidelines

Donation and event sponsorship requests need to be related to shooting, hunting and conservation.
Requests for fundraisers and events must be submitted no less than 2 months and no more than 6 months prior to your event date or deadline.

If you have a non-date specific request such as an advertising request, please select "Other."
Documents detailing your event, such as sponsorship letters on official letterhead, or flyers outlining the nature of your event, are strongly encouraged. Proof of non-profit status is also encouraged, if applicable. Use the "file upload" functionality below to send those.


We have a comprehensive advertising program that encompasses all forms of exposure to include print, TV, web and various social media platforms. We are not currently looking to expand our advertising program, but we do appreciate the ability to review new opportunities.

Requirement Guidelines

The form below must be filled out in its entirety
Please include links to video products, online resources or electronic copies of print materials


contact Information

Your Request

*If you have Marketing materials such as flyers, logos, press releases, etc, please forward to


* Indicates a required field

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