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Gunwerks is looking for a machinist/programmer to help us grow the department and better serve our customers. New product innovation is a pillar of our business. We pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge products. This machinist/programmer will be an integral part of bringing new products from concept to physical parts and developing better ways to create Gunwerks products.


  • Help take parts from concept to reality
  • Maintain CNC and manual equipment and tooling
  • Improve processes for making prototype parts
  • Set up machines for new jobs
  • Design and create fixturing and tooling for new parts
  • Design and create test fixtures
  • Write instructions and record test results
  • Program new parts manually and with CAM software
  • Work with engineers to design parts for manufacturing
  • Running tests and trials on new parts


  • Knowledgeable about long range shooting and the equipment used
  • Service focused personality
  • Solidworks Experience
  • CNC and manual machine experience
  • CAM programming
  • Excel or Google Sheets experience
  • Focused on process improvement
  • Organized and able to keep good records




Gunwerks offers a comprehensive benefits package including time off, matching IRA, medical, dental and vision insurance. There are three medical plans to choose to fit your needs, as well as, a broad network of providers nationwide. The earned vacation policy starts during the first year of employment and increases rapidly during continued employment. Generous bonus days can be earned, pay-outs and rollovers are included.


If you have experience with machining and programming and are driven for continual improvement, please send your resume to James Christiansen (

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