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Location Information


Level 3 Hawaii Long Range Hunter Course

Advanced Course / Axis Deer Hunt

  • You will be placed in LR  Hunting situation to test your skill and gear coupled with a Guided Axis Deer Hunt
  • Long Range Hunting scenarios, using Round-Robin Stages, with Gunwerks Crew as your Personal Advisor engaging targets out to 1,400 yards
  • Advanced Shooting Compensation in a Variety of Positions
  • Long Range Shooting Gear & Methods
  • Angle Shooting, Cross Valley, Crosswind, Headwind, Tailwind you will use tools to compensate for Coriolis and Spindrift
  • This class is for the advanced shooter who wants to practice His/Her skills and put them to work on a Guided Axis Deer Hunt in the Hawaiian Islands
  • You will bring your own Rifle, Ammo and Gear, we will provide the environment and situations to stress test you and your kit.
  • Make sure to bring anything you need for your Hunt

IMPORTANT: In order to get your rifle into Hawaii without issue, please bring the following to obtain your Hawaii rifle permit:
  • Valid government-issued photo identification
  • Cashier's check or money order for $42.00 payable to the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
  • Birth Certificate or
  • Proof of U.S citizenship if born outside the United States (valid US Passport, original Naturalization Certificate, or Consular Report of Birth Abroad)


Please click the button below to sign the waiver, or print and sign and bring to the class.

Sign Waiver


You will be flying into Hoolehua, HI, (airport code (MKK) Molokai). Please make plans with your flight arrangements, Molokai Ranch will provide transportation to and from the facility for the course. 


Provided by Molokai Ranch


You will be Picked up and dropped off at the Airport




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