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By Gunwerks on March 4, 2019

Gunwerks has recently announced the availability of its eagerly-awaited Stockwerks, a line of custom rifle stocks. Three models, ClymR, Magnus and Verdict are available in a variety of paint finishes with custom CNC inlet options for Remington 700 footprint actions and numerous barrel profile and bottom metal configurations.

Ordering is available immediately at with an estimated 60-day delivery. The stocks, which were first introduced at SHOT 2018, have previously been available only as part of a complete Gunwerks rifle system.

“When we designed these stocks, we went back to the drawing board on each one,” said Aaron Davidson, Gunwerks CEO. “These are not just incremental upgrades, but complete redesigns based on the complex performance geometry we’ve developed over our 12 years of experience building long range shooting equipment. These stocks look incredible, but more significantly, the design dimensions create a shooting experience unmatched by traditional competitive designs. With Gunwerks, our performance standards demand that function trumps form, where the competition is still building to a heritage look. These composite stocks are the most advanced, high-end option on the market.”

“We have a full year of production under our belts now with these new stock designs.  The response and results have been overwhelmingly positive,” says Davidson. “We’re excited to open up availability to the broader market.”

The ClymR and Magnus feature a revolutionary flush-mount Picatinny rail for bipod mounting and integrated QD sling mounts. Unique recoil pad assemblies feature adjustment for length of pull, as well as height and angle on the Magnus and Verdict Models. The Verdict also features a proprietary, quick release adjustable cheek piece and interchangeable grips as well as optional ARCA rail, barricade stop, and night vision mount systems. A video detailing product features can be seen at:

“What’s exciting is that these new stocks aren’t just for Gunwerks rifles,” said James Christiansen, Gunwerks COO. “We are intensely focused on vertical integration and have brought new composites tooling and manufacturing online. This has given us a much tighter grip on quality and capacity, allowing us the ability to offer our revolutionary designs to more than just our rifle customers. Our stocks are the perfect addition to any custom rifle or for those looking to upgrade their factory setup.”

Gunwerks stocks can be ordered over the phone by calling (307) 296-7301 or online at

Gunwerks, LLC is a Cody, Wyoming based manufacturer and provider of premium long range hunting rifles, optics, shooting systems, training, and now components! Learn more at