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By Gunwerks on January 15, 2018

Gunwerks announced today the release of three updates to their revolutionary rifle stock designs. All new designs for the ClymR, Magnus and Verdict stocks are a defining achievement in engineering and a marked improvement for Gunwerks’ already renowned long range rifle systems. The new designs and features are produced with all new tooling and production processes that create a stronger product and better finishes, including a new carbon fiber finish. Each stock comes in a high-tech carbon fiber layup or a more affordable fiberglass option.

“We went back to the drawing board on every one of these stocks for 2018.” said Aaron Davidson, Gunwerks Founder and CEO. “These aren’t just in-line updates, but complete redesigns based on complex performance geometry we’ve developed over our 12 years of experience building long range shooting equipment. These stocks look great, but more significantly, the design dimensions create a shooting experience unmatched by traditional competitive designs. With Gunwerks, our performance standards demand that function trumps form, where the competition is still building to a heritage look. Our 2018 line of composite stocks are the most advanced, high-end option on the market.”

The ClymR and Magnus stocks will be available immediately on Gunwerks rifles with the Verdict coming early spring. The ClymR and Magnus feature revolutionary flush mount picatinny rail for bipod mounting and integrated QD sling mounts. Unique recoil pad assemblies feature adjustment for length of pull, as well as height and angle on the Magnus and Verdict Models. The Verdict also features a patent pending, quick release adjustable cheek piece and interchangeable grips as well as an integrated Arca compatible rail and various accessory mounts. A video detailing product features can be seen at:

“What’s exciting is that these new stocks aren’t just for Gunwerks rifles.” said James Christiansen, Gunwerks COO. “We are focused on vertical integration and have brought new composites tooling and manufacturing online. This has given us a much tighter grip on quality and capacity, allowing us the ability to offer our revolutionary designs to more than just our rifle customers. Our stocks are the perfect addition to any custom rifle or for those looking to upgrade their factory set up. We are also extremely agile. In some cases able to move from design to manufacture in just a few weeks. This makes us a great partner for any premium rifle builder looking for their own design.

The stocks will be on display at upcoming trade shows and online at Upcoming exhibits include: Dallas Safari Club (Dallas, TX), Wild Sheep Foundation (Reno, NV), SHOT Show (Las Vegas, NV), Safari Club International (Las Vegas NV), Western Hunting and Conservation Expo (Salt Lake City, UT), Great American Outdoor Show (Harrisburg, PA), and NRA Convention (Dallas, TX).  

Gunwerks, LLC is a Cody, Wyoming based manufacturer and provider of premium long range hunting rifles, optics, shooting systems, training, and now components! Learn more at

For more information, contact: Landon Michaels at 307-461-4216 or


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