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By Gunwerks on January 23, 2019

Gunwerks has unveiled several new product offerings at NSSF SHOT Show 2019.

New 6IX and 8IGHT Suppressors

Gunwerks has announced its leap into the silencer market with the introduction of two suppressor models engineered for long range performance with large hunting magnums. The 6IX combines a small package and light weight with competitive sound reduction and repeatable performance on long range and performance rifles. The 8IGHT comes in a slightly larger package with industry-leading sound reduction for larger packages and where weight and volume are of less concern. Both models priced at $849 and $899 respectively.

Gunwerks MZ2 Muzzleloader

Late 2018, Gunwerks introduced the most significant update to its long range muzzleloader system yet. The new muzzleloader is built on a standard short action receiver and features a new ignition system utilizing a primed brass case for reliable performance in adverse conditions. The muzzleloader has also received a stock update, built on the new Magnus 2.0 carbon fiber or fiberglass stock and a collapsible ramrod that enables the elimination of a barrel band for a true free-floated barrel.

Revic PMR 428 with RX1 MIL Reticle

The groundbreaking Revic PMR 428 smart riflescope is now available in an MRAD configuration with the new Revic RX1 MIL competition reticle and turrets with 1/10th milliradian adjustments. The PMR 428 has also undergone a major software update to version 2.0 firmware. Updates to existing models can be easily pushed via Bluetooth through the Revic smartphone app.


Gunwerks, LLC is a Cody, Wyoming based manufacturer and provider of premium long range rifle systems, optics, training, and components. Learn more at

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Landon Michaels