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By Nate on February 23, 2015

Press release


For immediate release

Contact person: Nathan Robertson

Company name: Gunwerks LLC

Telephone number: 307-762-3240

Email address:

Website address:



Gunwerks releases All New GLR Action

Burlington, Wyoming, 1-24-2015 — Gunwerks LLC announced today the release of the All new completely redesigned Gunwerks Long Range Action. The new action represents a huge leap forward in Remington 700 style actions according to Mike Davidson Production Manager at Gunwerks. “We’ve taken all the flaws of a Remington style action and we set out on a mission to fix every one of them.” Aaron Davidson, President and CEO, added that “The trouble with remington style clones is they ignore the many flaws that exist with the original design. we’ve addressed these to deliver the smoothest operating action of its kind.”

Since it is a remington 700 style action it is highly compatible with a wide array of accessories available in the marketplace. and is a tried and true design favored long range shooters and hunters alike. Some of the redesign features include a one-piece bolt that is machined entirely from one solid piece of material. Huge strides have been made in the ejector functionality. Gunwerks has lowered the ejection port and changed the ejection angle along with adding a second plunger to ensure flawless ejection of spent cartridges. They’ve also “Balanced the forces in the cocking ramp by incorporating a twin helix design” according to Aaron Davidson who contributed heavily to the design. For a full list of features and specifications you can visit their website or watch this video on their youtube channel.



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