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By Fifty on February 16, 2015

Press release


For immediate release

Contact person: Nathan Robertson

Company name: Gunwerks LLC

Telephone number: 307-762-3240

Email address:

Website address:


Gunwerks launches All New Website


Burlington, Wyoming, 2-27-2015 — Gunwerks LLC on Friday February 27th launched an all new website currently in its beta phase. The new design focuses on delivering customers a clean and simple look at the evolving product line that Gunwerks LLC offers. With over 8 years of experience in revolutionizing the way outdoorsmen hunt the company is centered on the philosophy of providing gear and education that extends the capacity of everyday hunters to shoot long range. has a few main areas. The Rifles section offers everything one could hope to learn about the various popular builds that are available from Gunwerks including galleries of photos and videos along with actual reviews from customers. The same is true for the optics section which holds the Gunwerks owned line of G7 Optics.


Long Range University is where anyone can browse articles and videos that gunwerks offers free of charge to educate pupils on everything and anything related to long range hunting. Customers can also enroll in classes taught at the all new LRU training facility located in Burlington, Wyoming.


Long Range Pursuit, the companies in-house television program, has a fan page where individuals can view past episodes as well as find the newest releases of trailers and exclusive hunting content.


“Its been a long time coming and were not there yet. But the new website offers a lot of improvement in our customers shopping experience. My favorite part is actually the ‘Shot of the Day’ section where customers can email us their trophy pictures and brief descriptions of their experience hunting with our product and share it with the world. It is very powerful to see the success stories that are out there.” said Nathan Robertson, Director of marketing for Gunwerks LLC.


“The goal of the website is to elevate brand awareness and status, and to improve how we interact with our customers.” said Aaron Davidson President and CEO of Gunwerks LLC. He continued “We need to help people understand that we can change how they hunt we literally sell hunting rifles that can shoot 1400 yards out of the box. And take game at that range. Who else can claim that?”


Gunwerks plans to make immediate improvements to the website for the foreseeable future. Changes will include the addition of a “custom gun builder” according to Nathan Robertson. The gun builder will enable customers to design their own custom builds using all the custom parts and accessories available from Gunwerks they will also be able to save their builds for later purchase or adjustment. Another major feature will be the Redeveloped G7 ballistic engine which boasts the most accurate ballistics calculations available.



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