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By Gunwerks on January 21, 2019

Gunwerks, LLC announced today the acquisition of Revic Optics, a Cody, Wyoming based manufacturer of smart optics. The move brings Gunwerks and Revic (both based in Cody) under one roof with shared management.

Revic’s first offering, the PMR 428 smart riflescope, integrates a high-performance long-range rifle scope with an integrated ballistic solver, weather station, and illuminated heads up display for quick and accurate long-range firing solutions. The unit utilizes onboard atmospheric sensors to provide real-time data and on-the-fly adjustments without the need for the shooter’s eye to ever leave the scope.

“We started working on the Revic project back in 2013. Revic was originally a Gunwerks Skunkwerks project.” recounts Aaron Davidson, Gunwerks CEO. “We spun it out as a stand-alone startup company to push towards a viable product. It took a few years to get the right team assembled and bring the technology to market. With its first product on the market and a talented engineering team bringing up several more, It was time to bring it back into the corporate control of Gunwerks.”

Gunwerks is an innovative market leader developing and producing long range rifle systems, optics, rangefinders, ammunition, and training designed to lead the novice and veteran long range shooter alike to experience the long range lifestyle.

“By combining Gunwerks and Revic, we are poised to develop the market in the e-optics category just as we have the long-range rifle market,” says Davidson. “We have the advantage of being first to market, but the industry is on the verge of an explosion of smart optic offerings with many coming to market or announced this month surrounding SHOT Show. It’s about to get a lot more competitive around here, which is what we like to see! Competition drives innovation!”

Gunwerks, LLC is a Cody, Wyoming based manufacturer and provider of premium long range rifle systems, optics, training, and components.

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