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Winter 2017

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Gunwerks Breaks Ground on New Cody, Wyoming Headquarters

By Gunwerks on March 26, 2019

March 26, 2019

Under sunny Wyoming skies and in front of a crowd filled with smiles, Gunwerks broke ground at the site of their future headquarters and manufacturing facility in Cody, Wyoming.

The 44,396-square-foot building on a 5-acre site is slated for completion February 2020 and will provide much-needed manufacturing, warehouse and office space for the growing company.

“We’re practically bursting at the seams,” Gunwerks CEO, Aaron Davidson, explained. “Our team has tripled over the last 2 years and we’ve been forced to split our workforce betwee...

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Gunwerks Introduces New Stockwerks - Custom Rifle Stocks

By Gunwerks on March 4, 2019

Gunwerks has recently announced the availability of its eagerly-awaited Stockwerks, a line of custom rifle stocks. Three models, ClymR, Magnus and Verdict are available in a variety of paint finishes with custom CNC inlet options for Remington 700 footprint actions and numerous barrel profile and bottom metal configurations.

Ordering is available immediately at with an estimated 60-day delivery. The stocks, which were first introduced at SHOT 2018, have previously been available only as part of a complete Gunwerks rifle system.

“When we designed these stocks, we went back to the drawing...

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Gunwerks Announces New Products for 2019

By Gunwerks on January 23, 2019

Gunwerks has unveiled several new product offerings at NSSF SHOT Show 2019.

New 6IX and 8IGHT Suppressors

Gunwerks has announced its leap into the silencer market with the introduction of two suppressor models engineered for long range performance with large hunting magnums. The 6IX combines a small package and light weight with competitive sound reduction and repeatable performance on long range and performance rifles. The 8IGHT comes in a slightly larger package with industry-leading sound reduction for larger packages and where weight and volume are of less concern. Both models priced at $849 and $8...

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Gunwerks Introduces New Long Range Hunting Suppressors

By Gunwerks on January 22, 2019

Gunwerks announced today, the introduction of two new suppressor models with engineered optimization for long range hunting rifles and calibers. The Gunwerks 6IX Suppressor is a compact, ultralight model ideal for backcountry hunting and lower profile carry where minimizing weight and bulk are key. The 8IGHT Suppressor from Gunwerks is a slightly larger length and volume for maximum sound suppression in a still manageable package.

Aaron Davidson, CEO of Gunwerks explains, “Long range hunting rifles have become much lighter, just look at our ClymR package that weighs in at 5.7 pounds. As we’ve chased improved ballistic coefficients, the 6.5 and 7 mm bullets with big m...

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Gunwerks Acquires Revic Optics

By Gunwerks on January 21, 2019

Gunwerks, LLC announced today the acquisition of Revic Optics, a Cody, Wyoming based manufacturer of smart optics. The move brings Gunwerks and Revic (both based in Cody) under one roof with shared management.

Revic’s first offering, the PMR 428 smart riflescope, integrates a high-performance long-range rifle scope with an integrated ballistic solver, weather station, and illuminated heads up display for quick and accurate long-range firing solutions. The unit utilizes onboard atmospheric sensors to provide real-time data and on-the-fly adjustments without the need for the shooter&rsquo...

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The Gunwerks Muzzleloader Gets An Update For 2019

By Gunwerks on December 3, 2018

When the Gunwerks Muzzleloader was first introduced, it achieved a unique balance of ease of use with high performance. The original system was capable of taking game at 500 yards with sub-MOA precision, and with a matched BDC turret it was accurate well beyond. The barrel twist, sabot, and bullet were perfectly matched for ease of use and max ballistic performance.  

For 2019, Gunwerks has redesigned its popular configuration with accuracy enhancements and usability improvements. Notably, they have engineered a novel two-piece ramrod that stores in the rifle stock without requiring the traditional barrel band. According to President and CEO Aaron Davidson, “Developin...

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Gunwerks Monster Steel Challenge PRS Match Registration Open

By Gunwerks on July 12, 2018

Gunwerks Monster Steel Challenge PRS Match Registration Open

This Precision Rifle Series (PRS) match will be held July 28 – 29, 2018 in Cody, Wyoming at the Cody Shooting Complex and at Monster Lake Ranch. Slots filling up quickly.

Cody, Wyoming (July 2018) – Gunwerks, designers and manufacturers of premium long-range hunting rifles, optics, shooting systems, components and training, is hosting its first Precision Rifle Series Match, the Monster Steel Challenge, in Cody, Wyoming, July 28 – 29, 2018.

The first match day, held at Cody Sho...

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Phillip Velayo Joins Gunwerks as Lead Shooting Instructor

By Gunwerks on May 8, 2018

Gunwerks, LLC announced today the addition of Phillip Velayo as Lead Shooting Instructor. “We’re excited to welcome Phillip to our team.” said Aaron Davidson, Gunwerks Founder and CEO. “Phillip has a lot to offer, bringing his in-depth experience as a USMC Scout Sniper and Instructor to our team. He’s a perfect fit to be teaching our Long Range University Courses, not just because of his experience, but his personality and teaching style are what set him apart. We couldn’t be happier to have him on board.”

Velayo is a 10-year Marine Corps veteran having served his whole career in the Scout Sniper community. During his time, Phillip compl...

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All-New Rifle Brass Line Introduced by Gunwerks

By Gunwerks on May 3, 2018

For over a decade Gunwerks has established a reputation for delivering the best long range shooting solutions on the market. Now they’ve engineered and introduced a new line of premium rifle brass to match.

“Engineering our own brass achieves a few goals,” said James Christiansen, Gunwerks COO. “First, it will improve quality and consistency. We have always sought out the best components available for our loaded ammunition. With this move, we can more tightly control tolerances and quality to produce the best brass and ammunition available.”

“This will also reduce component cost on brass, which will allow us to pass savings on to our...

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Gunwerks Releases All-New Podcast Series, “Long Range Pursuit”

By Gunwerks on April 10, 2018

Gunwerks releases all-new podcast series, “Long Range Pursuit”

Cody, WY – April 10, 2018 – Gunwerks has established a reputation for delivering the best shooting systems on the market while offering training and content geared toward education in long range shooting and hunting. Adding to their Long Range Pursuit TV show, YouTube channel, blog, and social media, the company has now taken the jump into the podcast space with the launch of a new podcast series, “Long Range Pursuit Podcast.”

One goal in creating the podcast is continuing to provide customers and other long range enthusiasts with solid i...

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