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By Gunwerks on April 23, 2019


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Landon and Mike talk long range muzzleloading. The motivation behind building a long range muzzleloader and the advantages and opportunities it can offer a hunter looking to draw more tags and hunt bigger animals. 

  • Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader
  • New updates to Gunwerks Muzzleloader - features and benefits
    • New updates to Gunwerks Muzzleloader - features and benefits
    • New Magnus stock
    • Built on standard short action receiver
    • Updated ignition system
    • 2 Piece, freefloated ramrod
    • Floorplate storage
  • Reasonable range and expectations with a long range muzzleloader
  • Ballistic considerations, bullet performance, and expansion with muzzleloader velocities
  • Muzzleloader seasons and applications
  • States and black powder restrictions
  • GoHunt Muzzleloader Laws Breakdown


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