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Tag: Turret

So You Want A Custom Turret?

By Gunwerks on August 28, 2014

At least a couple times a day I answer a question that goes something like this.

“Should I just chronograph my loads and give you the bullet speed and ballistic coefficient?"

I look at my watch and wonder if I should get into it or just say yes to the chronograph. So far I have never said yes to that question, but rather have taken the time to explain a better way.

Over the years we have used several different chronographs, all have been able to assist in load developing or testing one lot of powder to the next. Some of the newer chronograph uints are getting pretty good. We've had some good success with the new Turret

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Bullet Drop Compensators - by Aaron Davidson

By Mark on January 24, 2013

Bullet Drop Compensators (BDC) are simply target style elevation turrets on a rifle scope which are calibrated in yards rather that the standard MOA (or ¼ MOA clicks). By simply turning the BDC turret to display the proper yards to target, rapid adjustments for bullet drop at varying distances can be made. Because they mark the scope adjustment for zeroing at different ranges, BDC turrets are cartridge specific-in fact, how specific determines how accurate the BDC turret can be. 

Unfortunately for the consumer, all BDC turrets are not created equally, some are so crudely constructed that they require tedious hours at the range determining the zero adjustments for all...

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