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By Mitch Libby on July 1, 2019

At what point does long range shooting turn into extreme long range shooting? There's no agreed-on boundary, but anything beyond 1,000 yards begins requiring even more specialized equipment and techniques to consistently put rounds on target. With my lightweight configured Gunwerks Verdict 338 RUM, we're shooting a bullet with a G1 BC at .829, going 2,850 FPS, shooting well over a mile at 2,115 yards in the below video, we're dialing over 70 minutes of elevation and holding 6-10 minutes of wind on a nice day, we're definitely in the realm of ELR Shooting!

A cartridge that is been around for a while that I have recently fallen in love with is the 338 RUM. This cartridge offers guys looking for a big 338 caliber the option to build it in a lighter package than a 338 Lapua or similar would allow, since the Lapua requires a larger action. The 338 RUM offers nearly identical ballistic capabilities, but in a normal, long action receiver. Add in a titanium action and spin it up with a carbon fiber barrel, then pair this cartridge and barreled action with good stock design and scope and you have a rifle that’s just 11 pounds but doesn’t kick you like a mule when you press the trigger.

The Verdict Is our ultimate long-range rifle. The beauty of this rifle is I can configure it to fit any application. In this application, ultra long range shooting and hunting primarily is the purpose.  With the adjustable buttstock and cheek riser, You are able to stay in the scope at all times without losing your target during recoil.

338s have never been our preferred cartridge choice at Gunwerks due to recoil and weight. The BCs offered by large 338 projectiles are very tempting, and after building and shooting this build, the Verdict platform handles the heavy recoil exceptionally well, even in a lighter configuration. This gives me the ballistic advantage to take those extra long shots that I never thought were repeatable or achievable before.

Wind is everything in long range. If I can pick a caliber or bullet that gives me the highest Ballistic Coefficient I’m going to pick that one over velocity every day. Higher BC equals less wind deflection. So next time that golden opportunity presents itself and a giant trophy elk or deer steps out, what may have been out of reach before, is suddently in the crosshairs. SEND IT! 


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