May 20, 2019

Stretching It Out To A Mile

If the goal is hunting or shooting steel out to 1000 yards, the cartridge options are numerous. But if you’re the shooter who wants to take a hunting weight rifle far beyond that, it requires a specialized cartridge. At Gunwerks, the sleekest 6.5mm or 7mm bullets have always been our go-to. But for some, bigger is better.  

Enter the new 300 PRC from Hornady, this new cartridge steps up the game with an efficient case designed to comfortably launch long, heavy-for-caliber bullets. Pair the 300 PRC with the Gunwerks Magnus platform and you have a rig capable of taking elk across the canyon or destroying steel at a mile.

When it comes to long range, the BC of the bullet you will be shooting has to be a top priority in your caliber selection. Assuming comparable velocities, a higher BC bullet will achieve more retained velocity and better wind deflection. If you try and stuff a heavy, high BC bullet into a cartridge that is not capable of pushing the projectile at an adequate velocity (think 300 Win Mag), we end up compromising velocity and sacrificing long range performance. If we go to the much larger 300 Remington Ultra Mag, we gain the velocity back but the recoil level jumps up to a level that is intolerable to many shooters. There has to be a balance of performance and shootability.

The 300 PRC is a happy medium that will get the job done at extreme ranges, yet remains comfortable to shoot. Shooters have different opinions on recoil but we can all agree that the big cartridges need to be paired with a rifle platform that handles recoil well and keeps you out shooting.  

Traditionally, the easy way to mitigate recoil is to add weight to the rifle. Gunwerks takes a different route. Our Engineers have evaluated every line, every curve, every feature on the Gunwerks Magnus stock and given it purpose. The negative comb, the thumb shelf for your trigger hand, the adjustable recoil pad, and the vertical grip all make for a lightweight rifle system that will track well under recoil and make the largest 300s feel like shooting a little ‘ol 308.

With the introduction of a cartridge like the 300 PRC and paired with the Gunwerks Magnus rifle system, we say; go for it! The system is certainly capable of it if you’re up for the challenge!

Gunwerks, Chris Hinojosa