November 22, 2019

ProBuild - Magnus 28 Nosler North American Game Master


I'm constantly asked the question: "What’s the best North American rifle and cartridge combination you guys offer?"

This usually brings to mind moose, elk, deer, and bears. Most people already have in mind some form of a 30 Caliber, be it 300 PRC, 30 Nosler, 300 Win mag, or 300 Rum. I usually advise guys to pick a rifle system that will work for their application before nailing down a caliber. For example, the Magnus, is the best of both worlds - light but comfortable to shoot heavier rounds and keeps you on target after recoil due to the great stock design. Lighten it up with a titanium action and carbon Wrapped barrel and you have a really nice build that is not too heavy to pack around. Then, after the rifle system is configured, come back to caliber. I will point a guy to the 28 Nosler almost every time. Why? Numbers don’t lie!

The 28 Nosler, shooting a 180-grain bullet is within 50 Ft-lbs of your bigger and heavier recoiling 30 Caliber cartridges. So why beat yourself up on the range? Shoot a 28! As you can see in the short video the recoil is very manageable and I'm able to see every impact downrange. 

With the wind that day, I was holding 2 MOA at a distance of 1,200 yards. that’s 24 inches. As an example, if I was shooting a 300 Win mag, running a 200 grain bullet, I would have closer to 30+ inches of wind hold at that range. To put it in different terms, the 28 Nosler approaches 338 Lapua wind performance. With a cartridge that performs better in wind, I gain capable shooting distance and can get away with much more error in my wind calls while still making one shot kills on game!

I have this same rifle build personally and between, family, friends and I on numerous hunts, I have yet to see an animal take more than one step after shots taken between 70 yards and 1,100 Yards.

The Kahles scope we topped this build with is one epic piece of glass. With Kahles being a sister company to Swarovski, you get a super bright sight picture with top tier glass. In addition, Kahles has made a super rugged scope body and a really fast dialing turret. In one turret rotation, this gun can dial out to 1,450 yards!

The detachable box magazine is nice to swap out for more ammo quickly or to empty your rifle quickly after a hunt. 

Aaron Davison, the Founder of Gunwerks has hunted all over the world with a 7mm projectile due to the performance the .284 caliber offers a shooter. The 28 Nosler offers just over 10% more performance than the good old 7 mag.

So if you are in the market for the perfect North American Big game rifle, take a hard look at this Gunwerks Magnus 28 Nosler rifle system configuration.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Four Consecutive Rounds At 1,205 Yards!

Gunwerks, Mitch Libby