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Winter 2017

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Shooting Positions

By Mark on July 9, 2015

When that once in a lifetime dream hunt finally comes, you might only get one shot to make your dream come true. There are many factors that can make you miss or make the perfect impact on your animal. Understanding and being able to make the shot from an unconventional shooting position is one of the most prevalent factors other than a poor wind call. You can be assured your shot will be taken from the ground, seated, kneeling or the prone position. Prone is the next best position to shooting off of a bench, but it must be done correctly to make an ethical shot on an animal at extended ranges.
After 26 years in the Army and many of those years as a sniper working overseas in a mul...

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Spotting 101

By Mark on June 24, 2015

The goal in writing this article for me was to share the most valuable piece of shooting gear that I take with me in the field. We have dedicated a lot of time and effort in our magazine to bringing you the best technical information available about rangefinders, shooting equipment, rangefinders, ballistic calculators, and the list goes on and on. A topic that I don’t feel has been covered in great detail is how important it is to have a reliable spotter by your side while in the field. If you have ever put your crosshairs on a trophy animal at a distance over 500 yards, in a tricky wind, from an awkward shooting position, you know exactly how valuable this person can be to your hun...

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Well Crap, Now What

By Mark on May 23, 2015

Have you ever been there? A fall, trip, slip, broken piece of equipment sends your rifle into the mud, dirt or rocks. It happened to me years back and I decided that I needed a better infield solution to get it clean again. Not just an infield solution, but also a maintenance program for before, during, and after the hunt. Here is what I have come up with over the years and hopefully it will stop a hunt ending disaster.

Let’s talk stainless steel. Stainless steel is the predominant steel used in most actions and barrels, so this is going to be an important metal for us to be familiar with. What sets stainless steel apart from the more common carbon steel is the amount of c...

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The 300 Winchester Magnum

By Mark on March 15, 2015

My Grandpa is an incredible hunter and an amazing shot. He hunted for many years with a 300 Win Mag so I thought I would get his opinion on this classic caliber. When I asked him what should be said about the 300 Win Mag he said without hesitation, “It kicks like a mule.” Although this is true, he and many others would not have used it for so long if it did not have so many desirable qualities as well. Over the years since its conception in 1963 it has become a staple not only in the hunting world, but also in target shooting and military use as well. In the context of long range shooting, the 300 Win Mag is often the standard that we measure all other cartridges against. The ...

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Ammunition for Long Range Shooting

By Mark on February 17, 2015

Books, countless articles, video series and even classes have been devoted to the subject of long range shooting and the factory or hand loaded ammunition needed to achieve success. Many shooters can’t agree on what distance constitutes long range, much less the specific steps or equipment needed for that first-shot hit or to hold a tight group. While 600-yards is considered long range by many, others consider it mid-range. Specific to ammunition, disregarding shooter ability or rifle accuracy, we can easily consider 500-600 yards and further as long range. That distance is where we really sta...

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Choosing the Right Outfitter

By Mark on December 17, 2014

What do we look for when it comes to choosing the right outfitter?

The person we will spend our hard earned money and dedicate our even more precious time available to?  The planning, preparation and practicing show out dedication to our passion…our way of life.  If we demand excellence from ourselves, then shouldn’t we expect it from those professionals we choose to employ?  A guided hunt will, in one way or another, be an experience you will never forget.

I still remember like it was yesterday, a Mountain Goat hunt that went south the minute we booked.  As inexperienced as I was at the time, I think the outfitter was even more so (H...

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African Outfitters' First Take

By Nate on December 16, 2014

Mention the word Africa, and most drift off in thought with visions of Lions and Elephants roaming the continent’s vast plains.

They may also see Zebra dotting the savannah in their thousands, and Africans drumming in chorus long into the night. That is Africa, but not all of Africa is the same.

There are most certainly endless savannas stretching for as far as the eye can see, but then there are the forests, mountains, and deserts. The same can be said about rifles.

Over the past thirty years John X Safaris has seen the likes of numerous great rifles from various makers in a large variety of calibers. With each new rifle entering the market, the norm...

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So You Want A Custom Turret?

By Gunwerks on August 28, 2014

At least a couple times a day I answer a question that goes something like this.

“Should I just chronograph my loads and give you the bullet speed and ballistic coefficient?"

I look at my watch and wonder if I should get into it or just say yes to the chronograph. So far I have never said yes to that question, but rather have taken the time to explain a better way.

Over the years we have used several different chronographs, all have been able to assist in load developing or testing one lot of powder to the next. Some of the newer chronograph uints are getting pretty good. We've had some good success with the new Turret

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The 6.5 Creedmoor

By Mark on August 25, 2014

If you go searching for information about the 6.5 Creedmoor, you will find a myriad of articles that all start out telling about the birth of the cartridges as a discussion between Dave Emary of Hornady and Dennis DeMille of Creedmoor sports. Dennis, who is also a world-renowned long range shooter, was asked what his ideal long range cartridge would be. He listed off 10 or 15 features that he imagined this perfect cartridge would have including low recoil, high ballistic coefficient, and a cartridge length to fit in a short action. He wanted factory ammunition to be available, affordable and good enough to compete in long range competitions.

I could go into further detail about ...

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Qualifying a LR Rifle - by Aaron Davidson

By Mark on January 30, 2014

Before we start shooting long range, it's important that we do our research and select the proper platform on which to build our shooting system. There are many different rifles built for many different purposes. Many become works of art. For a long range shooting system, I have five points on a checklist to qualify a rifle for long range. 

These tests are functional, and must be addressed regardless of the rifles looks or pedigree. Most of these tests are not pass/fail, but more qualitative. Once you have evaluated the rifle you should be confident in its fit and function, and more importantly, you will know its limitations and its behavior. Long range shooting re...

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