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Let’s face it, a factory rifle is a great value for a piece of equipment that offers performance and accuracy that works for most hunters, but a long range rifle requires the touches only a custom shop can offer. Many rifles have undiscovered potential for accuracy. Our accurization service can uncover your rifles optimum performance.

For many years, we have offered a service to mount and calibrate a long range scope on a customer’s rifle. We see several hundred rifles a year from all makes, and we’ve documented a few simple procedures that can make an average rifle exceptional!

The most important ingredient of a precision rifle is a good barrel. We start the service with a thorough inspection of the barrel and bore, and firing a test group. This establishes a baseline of performance. If the results are encouraging, we will address the locking lugs, bedding, trigger, scope mounts, and barrel channel. Extreme measures may need to be taken to fix the barrel crown or re-chamber the barrel to fix common factory chambering problems.

Scope problems are common. We have very precise test equipment that can analyze a rifle scopes performance separate from the rifle. We test for several causes of Point of Impact (POI) shift including axial and off axis impacts and parallax and erector tube lens shifting. Tracking and scope click adjustment accuracy are also analyzed.

Finally, your rifle is test fired for accuracy. If you have a scope and cartridge capable of long range shooting, we will test fire on our half mile acoustic target range and provide a complete ballistic profile of your combination.


Base Price: $-

Rifle Assembly
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Gunwerks' Aaron Davidson leads you through the steps to install a custom trigger.


"This is the first shot fired out of Dan Macerelli's gun. It is his first shot over 500 yards. The target is at 980 yards and the red is 9 inches across . Do you think you guys could do a little better than that? "

-Phil Conklin
Gunwerks LR-1000 • • Serial Number 981
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