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MuzzleLoader Features


Our Muzzleloader is based on our LRM-500 action. This action features a built in 209 primer holder on the bolt , a removable breechplug and twin rear locking lugs. The barrel features precise dimensions of bore and groove with minimal deviation in diameter from breach to muzzle. The heavy 45 caliber bullet is stabilized in a unique MMP sabot with a fast twist barrel. We offer loads in smokeless powder or black powder substitute that attain 2200 fps muzzle velocity. Combined with a 0.400 G1 BC, a 2200 fps muzzle velocity retains adequate impact velocity for lethality at 500 yards, and deflects only one MOA per 100 yards for a 10 mph wind. That’s only 5 MOA at 500 yards!

In the design and specification process, our focus was on creating a muzzle loader that was easy to load, comfortable to shoot, sub-MOA accurate to 500 yards, and low maintenance. Many of the high performance muzzle loaders on the market suffer from the same maladies, heavy recoil, and difficult and complicated loading and cleaning routines. Mike tested the system with 15 shots fired in under 10 minutes with no cleaning, swabbing, or cooling between shots. The group at 100 yards was less than 1.5 MOA!

The standard rifle scope used when you add the Long Range Package to a Gunwerks Muzzle Loader, is the G7 2.5-10X32 by Nightforce. This scope features a G7 reticle, and a hi-speed zstop elevation turret with a capped low profile windage adjustment. The system is fired on our shooting range to develop a true ballistic profile, then a custom Ballistic Turret is calibrated to match. Now you simply range the target, and dial the distance on the turret.

Standard Features and Specifications

  • Gunwerks LRM-500 precision action, Stainless Steel.
  • Surface ground recoil lug, pinned to the action
  • Gunwerks long range hunting stock with aluminum bedding block and molded in color.
  • Scope rings and bases are pinned to the action, and secured with 8-40 screws.
  • Heat-stress relieved match grade barrel with 8 land/groove configuration, Stainless Steel.
  • Match chambers designed for long range secant ogive and standard bullet profiles.
  • Calibrated for Gunwerks long range ammunition or a custom load.
  • Jewell target grade trigger built to withstand harsh hunting conditions.
  • NIC Industries Ti Cerakote metal finish.
  • All weather double rifle shipping case, airline approved with wheels for transport.

With the Long Range Package

  • Barrel break-in, and "True Ballistic Profile" data collection
  • The New G7 2.5-10X32 rifle scope with G7 Ballistic Turret
  • Scope rings and bases, and Gunwerks scope coat included.
Overall Length 46 inches
Barrel Length 25.5 inches
Overall Weight 9.9 lbs
Rifle Only Weight 7.9 lbs
Standard Length of Pull 13.75 inches
Standard Trigger Pull Weight 2.5 lbs
Barrel Material 416R Stainless Steel
Action Material 416R Stainless Steel
Bolt Material 4140 Alloy Steel
Barrel Contour GS
Barrel Muzzle Diameter 0.850 inches
Recoil Lug Thickness 0.250
Accuracy Benchmark 1.0 inches*
*three shot group with Gunwerks ammunition.


MuzzleLoader Rifle

Base Price: $5750


  • .50 Cal with Sabot 


Optional Add-ons:

  • Long Range Package
  • Fluted Barrel (8 flutes)


MuzzleLoader Overview
More Videos

Mike Davidson tests the accuracy of a cold bore shot with the Gunwerks LRM-500 Muzzleloader.

Mike Davidson takes a Pronghorn Antelope at 715 yards with the Gunwerks LRM-500 Muzzleloader.

Gunwerks Customer Cliff Bell uses the new Gunwerks Muzzleloader to take a tropy Utah Mountain Goat.

"Mike- these are the first two shots taken at 200 yards with the Muzzleloader....shooting off of my ATV! It is a sweet gun, and I am ecstatic to begin to step it off with increasing yardage. Thanks again for the left handed stock configuration and Nightforce BDC tailored to the specific ballistics of the 327 grain Parker bullet. This is a real shooter! I have no concern that I will be pushing 500++ very soon with complete confidence. Crisp Triggers, Vance "

-Vance Diggins
Gunwerks Muzzle Loader • • Serial Number 1025
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