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LR-1000 Features

The LR-1000 is our original Shooting System designed and configured for the serious hunter. The stock design, weight and balance, accuracy and ease of ballistic compensation make the LR-1000 stand out from the emerging crowd of long range rifles. This is the rifle that defined the term Shootablity, there is nothing else like it. An important part of shooting long range is delivering adequate terminal velocity to ensure bullet expansion and reducing wind deflection to increase hit probability. The new 7mm LRM cartridge provides exceptional performance well beyond 1000 yards and the well designed case fits in a standard magazine box. The accuracy and consistency are the best we have seen from any cartridge. With the right conditions, it is not uncommon to see groups under five inches at 1000 yards!

The rifle is a tool designed to efficiently take the biggest trophies at any distance inside the functional range. Our long range hunting stock is stable on any type of rest, while the slightly vertical grip provides proper control of the rifle and trigger. Most people think large diameter, heavy barrels are the norm for long range shooting. We’ve focused on balance and response to control how the rifle behaves when firing—reducing recoil and increasing shootability.

The rifle features a stainless steel barrel that is .670 inches in diameter at the muzzle. The rifle stock is our renowned Long Range Hunting stock with molded in color and texture providing years of performance and good looks. Finally, the action is our LR-1000 model that features a one-piece bolt, pinned scope bases and side bolt stop. For a minimal charge you can upgrade to a titanium version of our action that reduces the overall package weight to 9.2 lbs. 

To really take advantage of our expertise, make sure and add the Long Range Package to your rifle.  This is the rifle scope and service that turns your rifle into a complete Gunwerks Shooting System. The preferred rifle scope is the new G7 5.5-22X50 model by Nightforce with the G7 reticle. Like the LR-1000 model, this scope has set the industry standard for performance, including individual testing and quality control.

As part of the Long Range Package, the LR-1000 has been test fired for accuracy, with the barrel properly broken in to stabilize muzzle velocity. Gunwerks separates itself from other rifle manufacturers by test firing each rifle on our 1000 yard range. A true ballistic profile is developed to match the rifle barrel and ammunition, and that information is used to calibrate a custom Ballistic Turret that indicates the drop correction in yards. Now you simply range the target, and dial the distance on the turret.

Standard Features and Specifications

  • Gunwerks LR-1000 precision action, Stainless Steel. LH available.
  • Surface ground recoil lug, pinned to the action
  • Gunwerks long range hunting stock with aluminum bedding block and molded in color.
  • Scope rings and bases are pinned to the action, and secured with 8-40 screws.
  • Heat-stress relieved match grade barrel with 5 land/groove configuration, Stainless Steel.
  • Match chambers designed for long range secant ogive and standard bullet profiles.
  • Calibrated for Gunwerks long range ammunition or a custom load.
  • Jewell target grade trigger built to withstand harsh hunting conditions.
  • NIC Industries Ti Cerakote metal finish.
  • All weather double rifle shipping case, airline approved with wheels for transport.

With Long Range Package:

  • Barrel break-in, and "True Ballistic Profile" data collection
  • The New G7 5.5-22X50 rifle scope with G7 Ballistic Turret
  • Scope rings and bases, and Gunwerks scope coat included.
Overall Length 46 inches
Barrel Length 25.5 inches
Overall Weight 9.9lbs (Stainless Steel Action)
Rifle Only Weight 7.9 lbs (Stainless Steel Action)
Standard Length of Pull 13.75 inches
Standard Trigger Pull Weight 2.5 lbs
Barrel Material 416R Stainless Steel
Action Material 416R Stainless Steel
Bolt Material 4140 Alloy Steel
Barrel Contour 3G
Barrel Muzzle Diameter 0.670 inches
Recoil Lug Thickness 0.30
Accuracy Benchmark 0.50 inches*
*three shot group with Gunwerks ammunition.


LR-1000 Rifle

Base Price: $5750


  • 6XC
  • 6.5-284 Norma
  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • 7mm LRM
  • 300 Win Mag
  • 300 RUM

Optional Add-ons:

  • Long Range Package
  • Color (Black/Ti or Brown/Black)
  • Muzzle Break (includes a thread protector)
  • Left Hand
  • Sheep Hunter Package (carbon stock, aluminum components, barrel fluting)
  • Carbon Barrel (.850 diameter 11 oz less)
  • Barrel Fluting (eight flutes 8 oz less)
  • Titanium Action (8 oz less)

LR-1000 Overview
More Videos

Mike Davidson executes a textbook shot on an elk at 925 yards with a Gunwerks LR-1000 Rifle.

Manufacturing process of the LR-1000 Action.

Mike Davidson makes a Tough Shot at 1 mile.

"Gentleman, After applying for 32 years, I was fortunate enough to draw a Wyoming sheep tag in 2009. I hunted with John and was able to use the LR-1000 in 6.5 x 284. I took my ram with a 950 yard shot. What a great rifle and optics. Thanks for the great products."

-Bob Kiser
Gunwerks LR-1000 • • Serial Number A0006
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